Why Veterinarians Recommend Antler Chews

For most Dogs chewing is just apart of nature, and it isn’t always something that stops after puppy years. With everything out there you’ve got a wide variety to choose from for your best friend, But what’s best for them? between Textures, Sizes and Shapes not to mention Rawhide to Nylabone how do you know what you getting them is best for them? Best for their teeth. Among these toys and chews is the Antler Chew. From Deer, Elk and Moose, You’ve got your pick to choose from.
They’re Super Long lasting, If you purchase deer or elk antlers that are whole, deer antlers can and typically will last longer than your traditional rawhide chews. As Antlers are very rich in protein its best to not let them one buck wild, to much of a good thing can cause a tummy ache.
There’s A High Nutritional Value to deer and elk antlers, they are high in many of the same ingredients in joint care tablets.
Deer and Elk Antlers are smell and stain free, and in a pet friendly house,that’s a big plus to have on your side.
Super Safe Unlikely to split or shard leaving bits to hurt your dogs. But just like any bone or chew, don’t leave them unattended, it is still a bone. And the great thing is they are good for every size dog as Antlers come in so many various shapes and sizes! It’s completely sustainable, Deer and Elk lose their antlers as they grow so none of them were killed or harmed in the process to provide your baby with their new favorite chew. Dogs are texture animals, they love how something feels in their mouth on their teeth and gums and an Antler provides that.
Between the Long lasting of it, The Nutritional values and just plain taking it back to fun, it’s easy to see why Vets recommend Antler chews.

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