Which Dog Treats Are Best for Your Dog?

Most dogs love to chew things. Giving them a chew toy will deter them from chewing shoes, kid’s toys, walls. Dog chews make great boredom busters and toothbrushes, all built into one chew. Dog chews come in all shapes, sizes, and material, anywhere from rubber to antlers.


Yes, that’s correct, natural antler dog chews have become a big hit in the doggy world. Antlers bones packed with calcium and marrow that dogs love. You can find them in most pet stores, but if you have access to the woods where deer and elk live, you and your furry friend can find free antlers, since deer and elk shed their antlers once a year.

Jim Hodges Grade A Antlers are the number 1 choice when selecting a dog chew. During the selection process, only the highest quality antlers make it to the shelf. You will find no greasy residue on this natural chew, and because of their density, it will allow your dog to chew for hours with no mess to clean.

Buck Bone Organics collect their antlers from elks that shed. They come in a variety of sizes and come whole, or split in half to reveal the marrow. They’re not as durable as the Jim Hodges brand, but dogs still love them, as do their owners.

Larger dogs up to 90 pounds prefer chasing Our Tails Elk Rack Snack. They are a heavier antler weighing up to a pound, making them durable to the most aggressive chewer.

All natural antler dog chews are 100% organic. You will find no added preservatives in these antlers. Your dog will enjoy a washed, cut antler from elk and deer who have shed the natural way.

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