When should you throw away the antler treats

Dogs love to chew, and dog owners want to let them chew, but they want it to be a safe experience. When a dog chews on an antler, the antler will slowly decrease in size as the dog safely ingests small pieces of the antler. The small pieces are completely safe and digestible, and offer important nutrients dogs need. They don’t splinter or shatter into gut-ripping pieces. However, there is one safety concern with antlers: dogs swallowing them. A good start for Antler Dog chews is our Medium Split Elk Antlers, they’re inexpensive and are perfect for dogs between 20-40 lbs.


The way dogs eat naturally is to chew or tear a food item up until it becomes a size the dog can swallow. Many eager dogs tend to over-estimate the size of their gullet and may attempt to swallow objects that are a bit too large, which can cause choking, blockage of the esophagus, or even perforation of the esophagus. If the dog does manage to swallow a large piece of antler, it may cause an intestinal blockage.

When it’s too small it’s time to go

Every day you should check your dog’s antler chew(s) and make sure they aren’t small enough that the dog may attempt to swallow them. The safe size, of course, depends on your dog’s size. You can take a look inside your dog’s mouth and get a pretty good idea of how large the dog’s throat is. Once the antler has been gnawed down to a swallowable size, it’s important for the dog’s safety to throw it away and get a new one. Our Two Pound Bag of Medium Antlers is perfect for restocking.

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