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What Size for My Dog?

As a pet owner you want to make sure your pet is safe. That is why we provide a recommended size treat for your dog. We want to make sure your dog can safely enjoy our dog treats for years to come. Below is a table of suggested treat size by dog weight.

Please Note: This table is only a suggestion. You as the pet owner have the ultimate choice on what you give your dog to eat. All of our treats should be enjoyed while under the supervision of you, the pet owner.

Weight of Your Dog Recommended Size of Antler Treat Approx. Weight of Treat Approx. Length of Treat
Less than 10 lbs. Petite Less than 2 oz. 3 – 5 in.
10 – 20 lbs. Small 2 – 4 oz. 3 – 5 in.
20 – 40 lbs. Medium 3 – 6 oz. 5 – 7 in.
40 – 70 lbs. Large 5 – 8 oz. 7 – 9 in.
70 – 100 lbs. Extra Large 8 – 10 oz. 9 – 10 in.
100+ lbs. Super Large 1 lb. + 10+ in.
100+ lbs. Jumbo 1 1/2 lb. + 10+ in.

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