What Size Antler Dog Treat is Right For My Dog?

We get asked this question a lot at least once a week. So we thought we’d share a few quick tips to help you determine for yourself exactly which antler dog treat is right for your dog.

  1. Choose your antler dog treat according to your dog’s weight. We have created a helpful chart so you can gauge which size to best suit your pet. Click here to view the chart.
  2. Choose the treat that best suits your dog’s personality. My 9 year old pug, Chopper, loves to take his antlers and play keep-away with me before settling in to enjoy his treat. Because of his play habits, I give him only small and medium sized treats. I’ve found that the larger treats are easy enough for him to chew on, but he has trouble carrying them around the house while we play keep away.
  3. Choose your treat based on your pet’s level of enjoyment. Does your dog chew on his antler for hours on end? It may be best to purchase a larger antler to ensure the treat lasts as long as possible. While our antlers can last a very long time, some dedicated dogs can whittle an antler down in just a few weeks.

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