What Military Dog Training Can Teach You

A mans best friend, the canine companion. There are times where you couldn’t live without them, and other times you wish they would stop chewing on your new shoes. Here are some tips military dog training can do for you and your dog.

Most of a dogs communication is non-verbal. A dog’s non-verbal cues can be completely different from a human’s. That’s why it’s important to understand when a dog is being respectful or belligerent. If they are doing something you don’t like get in their personal space. They respond much better to a sign of dominance physically than verbally.

You should not only punish your dog for doing bad things, but provide positive reinforcement for good deeds. Every time you see a personality change in your dog, you need to reward them. There is nothing better to a dog than a good scratch and “good boy” from their owner. You can even get a clicker like the pros to provide a cue that helps them understand their good behavior faster.

A quick way to relieve some bad behaviors is just to exercise with your dog. The extra attention along with the physical exhaustion associated with exercise is positive for you and your dog. You will both get some calories burnt and your relationship will grow. Your dog will thank you.

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