What Dog Breeds are Best For Single People?

Are you single and looking for a four legged companion? You can’t go wrong with a dog. Sure, cats are fine and hamsters are adorable, but for real, honest to goodness loyalty and affection a dog is the best choice. While all dog breeds offer something special, here are a few whose wet noses might poke perfectly into your single life.
English Bulldog- Don’t be fooled by this compact breed’s tough exterior; behind those wrinkles and overbite is a tender, patient dog waiting to bond. If you’re looking for a dog to sit across your lap while you spend a relaxing night at home an English Bulldog is a perfect choice.

Australian Cattle Dog- If your idea of relaxing after a day at work is running five miles, then the Australian Cattle Dog may be more your speed. And speed is the accurate term; this energetic and intelligent herding breed will have no problem keeping up as your running partner.

Bichon Frise- If sheer cuteness was the only quality you were looking for in a dog breed the soft, fluffy Bichon Frise would win hands down. But the Bichon Frise has more going on than good looks. Along with being inquisitive and sociable, the Bichon Frise is hypoallergenic; a quality which comes in handy should someone come into your life who’s allergic to dogs.

Any of these breeds, or even a run of the mill mutt, will add excitement and richness to your life. One thing, though, to keep in mind as a single dog owner is, while you’re at work, your canine friend will be spending much of his or her day alone. This is no problem as long as you remember to take precautions. Leave the radio or television on to make the house feel less empty and help alleviate any sense of loneliness. Before you leave for work put out a few natural antler dog chews. They will constructively cater to your dog’s need to chew. And, of course, don’t forget to give your pooch a good morning walk.

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