What Daily Vitamin Supplements Are Safe to Give Our Dog

When it comes to supplementing your dog’s diet, it’s important to make sure that you pick the proper vitamins that are able to be used on a daily basis. The great thing about vitamins is that there are plenty to choose from and the large majority of them will greatly improve your dog’s overall health, safeguard them from various toxins, and even normalize their daily functions. So what vitamin supplements are safe to give our dogs, and is it okay to use them daily?

The first thing to remember is that vitamins are often split into two separate groups which are categorized between water soluble and fat soluble. The main difference between the two groups is that they are deposited different in the body, or possibly not even stored at all. Water soluble vitamins are known to stay around in the body of your dog body in lesser amounts unlike fat soluble vitamins, which linger around in the liver and fatty tissues. So if you are planning a daily vitamin supplement regimen for your dog, then it would be safe to use water soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins have their value as well and are necessary for a healthy diet, but since they are stored in the body, they will only be absorbed when they are needed.

The most beneficial supplements that are safe to give your dogs are:
Vitamin B1 (.01 mg / lb)
Vitamin B2 (.05 mg / lb)
Vitamin B5 (.1 mg / lb)
Vitamin B6 (.01 mg / lb)
Vitamin B12 (.00025 mg / lb)
Folic Acid  (.002 mg / lb)
Biotin (.001 mg / lb)
Niacin (.12 mg / lb)
Vitamin C (100 to 500 mg if your dog is already sick)

If you suspect your dog is deficient in any one of these vitamins, then there are lots of signs to look out for and a veterinarian can help you better identify each one. A few of the signs of deficiencies in the B vitamin group are deprived growth, loss of hair, appetite loss, eye problems, and even early signs of graying. They can get more serious if no attention is given and the deficiencies aren’t treated quickly. If you’re feeding your dog a home style diet or one that consists of many left-overs from the table, then it may be necessary to supplement with higher quality or additional vitamins and minerals. The same goes if your pet is already sick or showing signs of deficiencies.

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