What Are You Feeding Fido?

What are you currently feeding Fido? Most of us find that if we read the labels for the ingredients of our pets treats we see that the first item is not meat or veggies it tends to be beef and bone meal versus 100 percent real beef. I have noticed that when I look for dog treats; I hope to find items with real meat and veggies versus the unnatural content within most common treats today. If you are sick of looking for treats for Fido then look no further than the healthy alternative such as deer, elk and moose antlers; these items will help your pet be healthy as well as enjoy a delicious treat. Antlers as chew toys for your pet are the way to go because, they are not smelly, or stain, they help keep teeth clean, antlers are full of nutrients and they will keep your dog busy so they stay out of trouble. Antlers are a delicious treat for your dog because they are hard enough to keep them busy and out of trouble, but they are also great because they help keep them healthy because the antlers contain calcium which also helps keep their teeth clean and healthy. Your dog will thank you for getting them antler treats.

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