Weird Dog Chew Toys

There are a lot of traditional dog toys out there, but those aren’t the only ones pet owners can buy. If you like giving your dog treats that are unique, then weird dog chew toys may be exactly what you’re looking for. These will be a lot of fun for your pet, but even more fun for you to watch them play with! Below are some of the top chews you’ll want to get in your home right now:
1. Deer Antlers

Deer antlers are durable chew toys that can provide any dog with many hours of chew time, but that’s not all. Natural deer antlers are also wonderful sources of vitamins and minerals, in addition to being great for dental health. With varying sizes for dogs of all weights, any dog will be able to focus their attention on breaking one these down rather than your socks and shoes. These chews are much healthier than those that are made with chemicals, and because they are safe for dogs, they are the perfect choices for your pet

2. Elk Antlers

Elk antler dog chews are the natural pet treats that you can feel good about giving to your pet. In particular they are beneficial for dogs who suffer from allergies, as they are naturally non-allergenic. In addition to this, they do not split so they are less of a danger to a dog’s stomach. These chews can even help get rid of tartar while the dog is chewing, so they are great for helping promote dental health. Elk antlers are also natural sources of many nutrients, including calcium, collagen and phosphorous.

3. Moose Antlers

Just like many other antler dog chews, moose antlers are packed full of nutrients that every dog should have on a daily basis. They are also naturally non-allergenic and come in sizes from small to large to meet the needs of any size dog. The taste of these is something that most dogs love, especially since they are natural and not made with any dangerous chemicals.

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