Weird Dog Chew Toys

The Weirder the Better
A typical dog chew toy is meant to be chewed on by dogs. There is a definite purpose for this toy. The purpose is to foster stimulation. It will allow your dog to relax too. The weird chew to is going to relieve a dog’s boredom. A chew to will sooth your dog when they are teething. Believe it or not, the weird dog chew toy may play a large role in a healthy life for your dog. The chew to can assist a dog to lower anxiety. It will even entertain your dog. The weirder the better because images do appeal to dogs too.

The Top Three Weird Dog Chew Toys
The term weird can be defined as uncanny or even unnatural. The weirdest top dog chew toys are those that may be unusual. These are chew toys that are even fun to see. They provide a touch of entertainment along with benefits to dogs. The top ten dog chew toys include the following:
* hysterical dog teeth; this toy is good for chewing on and looks great on any dog
* a beer in a bottle; imagine your dog lounging with a chewable bottle of beer
* the ruby red slipper; every dog loves to chew on shoes. The high heeled red slipper will do just fine
Add a little spice with a weird chew toy for your dog.

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