Top 10 Ways to Check if Your Dog is Healthy

The health and overall well-being of your dog it of the utmost importance. Rather than waiting for him or her to get sick, checking regularly to ensure that they are healthy can help to prevent various illnesses and diseases. Your dog should be checked over carefully at least once a month for early signs of illness. When detected early, you may be able to avoid worsening symptoms and illness all together. The following are just a few things that should be checked vigilantly for a healthy and happy dog.

Your Dogs Body

You know your dogs body the best. Scoring your dogs body condition should become a regular part of your health check routine. As you rub down your dogs body, you should be able to feel his or her ribs easily with a slight amount of fat over them. In addition, the dogs stomach should slope in an upwards position from the chest towards the hind legs. By performing a body condition check regularly, you will be able to notice any major changes that begin to take place.

Eye Health

Eyes are one of the easiest ways to determine whether your dog may be sick or not. The eyes should be clear and free of any redness or runniness. A dog who runs into walls or objects easily may also be suffering from poor eyesight.

Ears and Hearing

To check if your dog is healthy, their ears should be examined frequently. The inside of the ear should appear to be clean without any build-up of wax or discharge. The outside of the ear should appear to have no redness or foul smell. Special ear cleaners are available if needed.

Nose Checks

A healthy nose does not have to be cold or wet as you may have thought. There should be no crusting on the nose surface, bleeding or discharge coming from the inside of the nose.

Healthy Mouth and Teeth

Bad breath can actually be a sign of a digestive problem or overgrowth of bacteria. If untreated, organ problems can occur. Teeth should be a white or cream color with healthy pink gums. Help your dog to keep his teeth clean while having hours of fun with antler dog chews.


Owners should check their dogs claws to ensure that they are not flaking or breaking easily. This may require veterinary attention.

Your Dogs Coat

The colors of your dogs coat will depend entirely on their breed. However, all skin and coats should be free of scaling, spots that look infected, itching, crusting, bald patches and fleas. Regular grooming can help to keep your dogs coat healthy.

Digestion of Food

To determine whether or not your dog is digesting their food properly, their stools should be checked. Stool should be clear of blood or mucus and should be consistently solid in a brown color.

Thirst and Hunger

A change in thirst or appetite may mean that your dog is not feeling well. Simply keep an eye on their eating habits and how much they may or may not be drinking throughout the day.

Overall Attitude

One of the easiest ways to tell that your dog is not feeling their best is simply by their attitude. If they are less playful than usual or appear to be sulking, this could be a sign of illness. Try providing them with toys such as antler dog chews. If their attitude does not improve, you should seek advice from your veterinarian.

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