Tips to use antler chews to enforce good behaviors in your dog

When you are trying to train your dog it’s important that you reinforce good behaviors so that I young dog will continue to perform these actions without even thinking of it. Treats can work to reinforce a calm and submissive state from a dog which will help you when the time comes for the dog to meet new people, new dogs were being introduced to new situations. When the dog realizes that its favorable to act in a common submissive state, and that it may receive a reward for doing so it will eventually associate this type of behavior as being good and the norm.

Getting to this point can take a bit of work however. As a puppy you are bound to see a variety of different behaviors all at once especially if you have a breed of dog that’s associated with high energy. Taking the time to be patient and wait for a time that your dog is behaving, you can begin to reward your new puppy with an appropriate treat as they begin to reflect behaviors that you feel are important. You should never rewarded dog for behavior that you find disapproving. Excitable behavior, barking or otherwise. One of the best ways that you can show that you disapprove of this behavior is with your body language. Move yourself away or to one side and show that you disapprove of your dog’s behavior when it is acting up or doing something that you would not like it to repeat. When the dog begins to submit, or you can get the dog to sit and remain calm this is the time to give them a treat for calming down and reaching a submissive state.

There is also a proper way that you can give the dog an antler chew. Make sure that the dog can at least smell the treat before you give them the reward. You won’t need to place a treat under a dog’s nose either, usually a dog can smell something like antler chews from several feet away. Member that once your dog has caught scent of the treat it’s important to be patient and wait for them to show submissive behavior and that they are willing to calm down and wait to be rewarded. When your dog is calm slowly hand him the antler chew and don’t be afraid to take it away if they begin to revert back to negative behaviors.

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