There's An App For That

Our smartphones allow us to access such a wide variety of activities from entertainment and education to our daily to do list and exercise routine. So of course there are apps for all things involving our pets, dogs in this case.

I will start with a training application called iClicker. It’s known to be a very successful method of training with rewards for good behaviors. Access all of the info directly from your phone and the best part-it’s free. Another training app is iPottyTrain which is perfect for the first-time puppy owner get through the housebreaking process. You can track their potty schedule and set reminders to remember to take your dog outside.

The Dog Whistler app allows you to choose between a variety of frequency sounds. The goal is to help make training easy.There is also an alarm that can help stop certain actions. For example, if you want your dog to stop sitting on the furniture, an alarm can be set that gets triggered by the dogs’ jumping motion onto the sofa to teach the dog to stay on the ground.

Map my dog walk tracks the outdoor activities for you and your dog. The app gives you data such as distance, speed, time, calories burned, and the route you choose. It will give you motivation if you choose the option.

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