The Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands

Every pet owner has different ideas of what qualifies to meet their dog’s nutritional needs. Here is a list of the top 10 best dog food brands that pet owners have found to be successful in giving their dog the best diet.
1. Wellness Natural Pet Food is a top pick because it contains no by-products or artificial colors.
2. Natural Balance works well for dogs who suffer from food allergies as brown rice and lamb are the top ingredients.
3. Hill’s Science Diet is easy to digest and perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
4. Purina Pro-Plan is ideal for dogs with skin allergies as it is packed full of omega-3s.
5. Acana has a puppy and junior dog dry mix that comes with all the vitamins, protein and minerals younger dogs needs to thrive as they grow older.
6. Nutro Ultra is an excellent choice for dogs who have beef allergies as it is made from lamb, salmon and chicken.
7. Pedigree has a long history of being a top choice for dogs with its quality ingredients and tasty varieties.
8. Dr. Harvey’s is perfect for those of us who want to give our pets homemade food and want a warm, wet meal for our dogs.
9. Fromm is a grain-free dog food with tons of protein choices including pheasant and duck.
10. Organix has a variety of dog food that is gluten free and has added flax seed oil for more nutrients.
In addition to giving dogs a healthy diet, pet owners should be sure to add in plenty of treats including antler dog chews that are fun treats all dogs will enjoy.

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