The benefits of bone marrow inside antler dog chews

When it comes to giving your antler dog chews one of the best things that you can do is give them all natural antler chews which contain real bone marrow. Bone marrow can have a wide array of benefits for pets especially bones like antlers, and other bones which come from meat like beef, pork, turkey and chicken. While usually these types of bones will have to be treated or can be treated to help preserve them, sometimes the all-natural chews are great to help dogs get a lot of extra nutrients which are high quality and can benefit their health.

Bone marrow can be found in treats like antler dog chews and the nutrients that can be found in bone marrow actually works to promote brain growth and healthy digestion. By giving your dog all-natural treats like antler chews you could actually work at making your dog smarter as well as make sure that they are continuing to digest their food much better. Dogs love the taste of these natural treats as well because they are so nutritious and because they can have a real effect on the way that your dog lives their life.

Some of the nutrients that can be found in bone marrow are the fat and blood components of the animal it came from. Dogs need a lot of extra calcium in their diet and bones are composed mostly of calcium phosphate. Because calcium is so beneficial for dogs a lot of pet food manufacturers actually work to include bone marrow in their pet food design so the dogs can gain all of the nutrients that they would in the wild from naturally chewing on bones and eating bone marrow. Supplementing your dog’s calcium with pet treats like antler chews is a great way that you can make sure your dog is getting the right amount of calcium in nutrients in their everyday life.

More calcium can make sure that your dog can grow and have strong and healthy bones, muscles and cartilage. Not getting enough calcium can actually lead to dogs having issues like arthritis, hip problems and more and this is why it’s important to make sure that a dog has enough calcium as they are growing and well into their old age as well. Helping to avoid health issues with dogs can all be done with the right treats such as all natural antler chews.

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