Signs And Symptoms Of Oral Disease In Dogs

Oral disease is the most common condition in dogs. In fact, the vast majority of dogs will have oral disease by the time that they are three years-old. One of the most common symptoms of oral disease in dogs is bad breath. This is a symptom that many pet owners overlook, which is why oral disease often goes untreated in dogs.

Keep in mind that many dogs who have oral disease do not show any signs or symptoms until the condition is in the advanced stages. Bone loss, eroded gums and missing teeth are some of the symptoms that a dog may show if he or she has advanced oral disease. Dog that have severe oral disease may have problems picking up their food. Additionally, dogs with oral disease may try to chew on one side of their mouth only.

Fortunately, oral disease can be prevented. Dogs’ teeth need to be brushed regularly just like a human’s teeth. Dogs will also need to get regular cleanings and examinations. Furthermore, it is important to feed a dog good-quality dog food and give him or her safe toys and treats.

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