Shocking Ways You May Be Hurting Your Dog’s Health

Now that your dog has become a part of your family, it is important to protect their health just like other members of your family. In the meantime, there are at least four shocking ways you may be hurting your dog’s health.

You Neglect their Teeth

Similar to humans, your dog’s teeth are susceptible to plaque and tartar build up, which overtime can cause bad breath, lead to dental disease and tooth loss, and affect other areas of their health. Regular professional cleanings along with daily brushing can help preserve your dog’s teeth and improve their overall health.

You Feed them Table Food

You may think sharing your steak and baked potato with your dog is showing them love; however, table food often contains rich, fatty ingredients that can not only lead to obesity but can also cause pancreatitis. In addition, some people foods, such as onions, chocolate, and grapes are just downright toxic to dogs and can lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting or worse.

You Feed Them Real Bones

There is nothing more rewarding than watching your dog tear into the tough exterior of a real bone and feeling like your dog is a real dog; however, giving your dog a real bone can be fatal. Real bones, no matter their source, can damage your dog’s teeth, mouth, and gums, become lodged and require surgery, or shatter and puncture his intestines, stomach or esophagus. Instead, opt for more dog friendly treats, such as antler dog chews, which are both safe and good for them.

You Don’t Secure Your Pet When They are in the Car

Your family always buckles up when they get in the car to protect their safety, so why shouldn’t your pet? In fact, dogs that are not strapped in, can jump out of the car while its in motion, roll the window up on himself, or become projected in the event of an accident.

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