Reinforcing Desired Behaviors with Antler Elk Chews

Every single time we interact with our dogs should be seen as an opportunity to train the behaviors we wish our dogs to have. As social creatures, dogs look to us for learning opportunities. When we reward a behavior, we are reinforcing it and increasing the probability that the behavior will continue.
Though we may find it simple to remember to reward a dog for specific behaviors or tricks – such as sit, down or stay – it is also important to remember to reward a dog for desirable patient, calm or relaxed behaviors. Take the time to watch your dog for good behaviors throughout the day. Did your dog make the choice to wait patiently while you opened the door to the car? Did he or she relax quietly on his or her bed when a visitor came to the door? Rewarding these choices (which are often missed, because they are ordinary) will result in a happy dog who will continue to offer calm, relaxed behavior.

Rewards can be in the form of a toy or treat, and chew toys are a wonderful reward option to encourage the dog to stay in place – continuing to reinforce the desired behavior – while enjoying his or her reward. Antler dog chews are the perfect reward! Your dog will remain settled while chewing this healthy, natural, long-lasting treat while you load up the car or chat with your visitor.

Antler dog chews are a wonderful reward for these simple training opportunities. May you and your dog enjoy your training time and the ongoing reward of being best friends!

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