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Elk Antler Burrs


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Burrs are the bottom of an antler that grows from  the head an animal. It is the release point when the antler annually sheds or separates from the animal. This part of the antler or burr  is necessarily very dense so as to hold  the antler to the  head during the growth.  The density of an elk burr is an excellent antler chew for aggressive chewers providing dental hygiene: stimulation of the gums, plague removal.  Elk burrs contain calcium and other beneficial minerals preferred in a dog’s diet. These burrs are similar to other elk antler chews except for their hardness and, therefore, more suitable for the aggressive chewers.

Size Dog Weight
Small 20 to 40 lbs
Medium 40 to 70 lbs
Large 70 to 100 lbs

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