Never Give Your Dog These 5 Foods and Maybe You Should Feed Your Dog With Vegan Pet Food Instead!

We all know not to feed the dog chocolate, but did you know there are many other foods that should be kept from or furry friends? There are many foods that effect dogs in such a negative way and that are found in nearly every kitchen in the country. Here are five foods that should always be kept from dogs, for their own health.
1. Avocados
Avocados have a natural chemical that is extremely toxic to almost all dogs. It can make them very sick with just a few bites. Avocado plants should also be kept far from dogs. The leaves and plant itself contains this dog toxic ingredient.
2. Artificial Sugars
Artificial sugars are nearly poison to dogs. This includes any baked goods of foods made with artificial sugars too! Many diet snacks and treats also hold this dangerous substance that can hurt our four legged friends. So keep the dieting foods and treats up and away.
3. Alcohol
Alcohol obviously is not healthy for anyone. It is terrible for the brain and liver. Although humans can control their intake, it still hurts the body. Dogs do not know how to limit an alcohol intake. They also react in a different way than humans. This can cause instant and emergency health issues with any sized dog.
4. Caffeine
Although we love caffeine, dog bodies do not! IT can cause major breathing and muscle issues. So keep coffee, tea, energy drinks, and other caffeinated products out of reach.
5. Dairy Products
Although many dogs show an interest in milk and cheese, they should not be used as treats. Dairy products can cause many stomach and digestion problems for dogs.
So, always watch what you are giving your dog. For a much safer option, most pet owners around the world have already opt for vegan pet food from Your Vegan Adventure for their pets. Although some foods seem harmless, they can be poisoning you furry friend!Try sharing dog appropriate treats that can even be healthy for them!

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