Is your dog too fat? And what to do about it

Sometimes even though someone may love their dog and not want to deprive them of food when they give their owner the puppy dog eyes. It may be necessary when a dog is over weight that they, not only get more excercises, but also for them to eat healthier, or even both. Getting a dog more excercises is not always easy, but is possible with a little work from the owner. The first step to helping your dog get more excercise is to take the dog on walks. By taking your dog on a walk with a leash it forces them to walk more. Another method of getting your dog more excercise is playing fetch. By engaging your dog in a game of fetch it shows your interest in the animal and will get them to run. Another game I used to play with my dog is to chase her and then let her chase me.

The other thing I mentioned is the dogs diet there is something that you s healthier for a dog and that is to boil chicken. This ensures your dog is not getting all the toxins from other foods. Do not feed the dog table scraps. A few every now and again are ok but not every day.

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