Human Foods You Should Never Feed to Your Dog

If you own a dog, it might be commonplace for you to periodically tear off a bit of what you’re eating and share it with your pup. While this is a harmless gesture, the risk is still moderately high that you could be feeding your dog something that is extremely dangerous to him. These are common human foods that you should never, under any circumstances, share or give to your dog.


It might be the most obvious no-no, but you should never give your dog chocolate. Properties found in chocolate such as theobromine and caffeine can cause toxicosis in dogs. Essentially, the darker the chocolate, the more hazardous it is. If you’re looking to give your dog a tasty treat, substitute antler dog chews for chocolate.


Avocados are perfectly fine for humans to eat, but for dogs, it can be a major irritant for the stomach. Furthermore, if a dog ingests the pit of the avocado, the gastrointestinal tract can become obstructed, a complication that often requires emergency medical care.

Bread Dough

Raw dough is especially harmful for dogs if it contains live yeast. Once a dog swallows raw dough, it passes into the moist, warm environment of the stomach. Here, the yeast’s chances of multiplying skyrocket, and the dough can easily grow in size. This can result in hindered blood flow, death of tissue, and difficulty in breathing.

Raisins and Grapes

It wasn’t until recently that researchers discovered that raisins and grapes are scientifically linked to failure of kidneys in dogs. While some dogs might be able to eat these foods without harm or effect, others experience life-threatening complications from the ingestion of even a small amount. It’s best to choose another snack if you’re looking to feed your dog something tasty.

Garlic and Onions

If eaten in excess, both onions and garlic can be detrimental to a dog’s red blood cell count. Garlic powder and onion soup mix can particularly cause major problems due to their highly concentrated forms of garlic and onions.


Lastly, grain alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and drinking alcohol should never be given to dogs. Dogs, as well as many other animals, are much more susceptible to the effects of ethanol. Therefore, complications of intoxication can begin much more quickly and easily than they do in humans. As a rule of thumb, keep your alcoholic drinks away from your dog.

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