How to Tell if Your Dog is Getting Enough Exercise

Taking care for a dog involves providing an environment that allows your dog to get enough exercise. How can you tell if your dog is getting enough exercise, though? You may especially start to get worried if you notice that your dog is gaining weight. Here are a couple of tips to determine if your dog needs more exercise.

1. Know your breed
Different breeds have different needs. Know if your dog requires more exercise than other breeds. If you are taking on the responsibility for a high-energy dog, such as a Jack Russell Terrier, be sure that you have the resources to give your dog plenty of exercise throughout the day.

2. Look for the Signs
If your dog needs more exercise, your dog will let you know. Look for the signs! The dog may appear restless. If your dog is running around the house and refuses to relax, the dog may need more exercise. A dog may also whine or do other things to get attention if they need to go out more.

3. The dog is overweight
Many dogs are overweight, so this does not necessarily mean that the dog needs more exercise. However, it is a possible sign. If your dog is getting heavy, look into more exercise as an option.

If you notice that your dog could possibly use some more exercise, get your canine friend outside! Go to the park with some antler dog chews and see what they do! If it starts to become a serious problem or your dog refuses to exercise, go to a veterinarian to find a solution together.

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