How to Teach Your Dog to Sit on Command

Bringing a new dog home can be challenging! A puppy is more work than anyone can imagine. Raising a dog to be social, friendly, and to follow rules is a daunting task. The best place to start is teaching your new friend how to sit on command. This can open the doors to a lot more training and it helps the dog and owner to bond. Here are some tips to train a puppy or even an older dog to sit on command.
1. Establish praise.
Every time your furry friend does something you like, praise him or her! Give them a treat. Also, use a higher and positive voice to tell them how well they have done. Pet them and show them affection when they did a good job. This will show your dog that they are rewarded when they do something you like.
2. Link sitting, a signal, and praise.
While playing or going about a normal day, try to naturally have your dog sit. One common practice is holding a treat and moving it over the dogs head, towards their back. This motion often causes a dog to sit, so they can reach back farther for the treat. When you dog sits, praise them! Over time the dog will learn that this hand movement means to sit and if they sit, they get praised. Some people like to use a verbal signal like “sit” or “down with this. Using these words while training to sit may also create another connection. This way your dog will sit with a hand motion or a verbal demand.
3. What to use as praise.
Going through this training process naturally demands a lot of praising. That is why it is important to find healthy treats or toys for your dog. This way they can be praised as much as possible during training! Using unhealthy or fatty treats can make them sick if a large amount is needed.
Good luck with your training. Remember is is bonding time with your furry friend, so enjoy!

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