How to Safely Remove a Tick From Your Dog

The bad news is that if your dog spends a good deal of time outdoors, there’s a high likelihood that he or she could attract ticks. The good news is that once the tick is on your dog you have up to two days to remove it before your dog is infected. Here are the basic steps of finding and removing a tick from your pooch.

Checking for ticks

It’s critical to check your dog for ticks after he or she has been outdoors for any length of time. Tick repellents can help, but there is no guarantee that they will keep a tick off your animal. There is no substitute for checking yourself.

Run your hands over the entire body of you dog while you scan visually. You might spot the tick (they have eight legs and are dark in color), or you might feel a bump where the tick has begun to burrow under the skin.

Removing ticks

First, put on gloves to prevent infection and grab a pair of tweezers. You can also use a specially designed tick remover tool from a pet store.

With tweezers, grab the tick as close to the skin as you can and then pull outwards in a fluid motion. Check to make sure the entire tick is gone.

With a tick remover tool, slide the notch under the tick until it is detached from the skin and in the bowl.


Checking for ticks is part of being a caring dog owner. Especially in warmer climates, ticks are a constant threat. Ticks like humans as well as dogs, so check yourself as well. All the same rules apply.

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