How To Prevent Dog Heat Stroke During Hot Summer

During the long, hot days of summer, it is especially important to protect your dog from heat stroke. Your beloved pet needs lots of fresh, cool water throughout the day. Pets are susceptible to heat stroke much more than humans, because it’s more difficult for them to regulate their body heat. The main way a dog cools down is by panting. If you’re dog is overweight, then panting may be too difficult for him.

Signs of Heatstroke

Signs of heat stroke include distressed behavior, increased respiration and vomiting. Call your vet if your pet shows signs of heatstroke. It’s important to bring his body temperature down as quickly as possible. Dogs don’t sweat like humans to bring down their body temperature. Other signs of heatstroke include bloody diarrhea, seizures and coma. Use a garden hose to bring your dog’s body temperature down quickly.

Prevent Heat Stroke

If your dog stays outdoors, then make sure there is plenty of shade where he can cool off. The area needs to be well-ventilated with fresh water. An inflatable swimming pool is the perfect way for your dog to cool down during particularly hot days. If your dog is too hot, he will not be hungry. Once he cools down, then offer him a treat like antler dog chews. Don’t leave your dog inside your vehicle for even a few minutes. The indoor temperature of your vehicle will rise quickly.

Don’t take your dog for a walk during hot, summer days. They can burn their sensitive paw pads on the sidewalk. People often forget that pets shouldn’t be exercised during the heat of the day. If your pet stays outside, consider installing air conditioning in his dog house. Many pet supply stores offer cooling methods for dog houses. Visit online pet stores to see the latest dog treats and products.

Dog heat stroke prevention is the best way to keep your dog safe. If the weather will be particularly hot for several weeks, let your dog stay indoors where it’s nice and cool. Follow these tips to ensure your dog doesn’t get overheated during the summer.

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