How to Personalize Your Dog’s Nutrition

No two dogs are alike, and there is no reason to believe they should have the same diet. The three factors governing every dog’s life are genetics, nutrition, and the environment. As responsible owners, we can’t control the genetics, we have marginal influence on the environment, but we have 100% control over their diet. That’s why all dog owners should consider antler chews as a possible addition to their dog’s diet.

What Are They?

Antler dog chews are a safe alternative to other chews on the market that may contain chemicals or made from chemical compounds. Chews made from antlers are safe and hazardous free for your dog. They are odor and stain free and come in a variety of sizes. Deer antlers grow and fall off deer on an annual basis, they are rich in calcium and other beneficial nutrients.

Numerous Benefits

Antler chews have more benefits than rawhide or compressed chews. For instance:
They last longer than rawhide
They contain numerous natural nutrients
Because they last longer, they are more economical
They are safer for a dog to chew

Dogs love these chews and, with regular use, they help clean a dog’s teeth and maintain odors from the mouth.

Not For Every Dog

Remember, what’s good for one dog may not be good for another. Antler dog chews aren’t for every dog, older dogs or less energetic dogs may not take to them. It requires work for a dog to chew an antler and the ones who seem to really like it are younger and very energetic.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and try antlers for your dogs. You’ll be happy with the results and I’m sure your dogs won’t complain!

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