How to Perform CPR on Your Dog

Your dog is not just your pet. He or she is a cherished member of your family. With that said, you should reward your dog with a nice treat on occasion. Deer antler dog chews are a unique treat that your pooch will love. However, you will also want to ensure the safety of your canine companion. One way to do that is to know how to perform CPR on your dog.

Keep in mind that you should only perform CPR on an animal when it is in respiratory distress. The first thing you should do is check your dog’s airway. If he or she isn’t breathing, straighten the head and neck without extending the latter. Hold the dog’s mouth closed and blow two breaths into the dog’s snout. If your breaths are not going through, check your pet’s mouth for an obstruction. If there is an object stuck and you can remove it, do so. Otherwise, you will have to perform the canine Heimlich maneuver.

If there is no obstruction, continue to perform mouth to snout resuscitation. For a large dog, use full lung capacity for the breaths. With a small dog, use short breaths. Your hand should be firm around the muzzle, keeping the mouth closed so that it is easy to breath directly into the nose.

Check your dog for a pulse or heartbeat. If none is detectable, you can begin performing chest compressions. You will have to lay the canine on its right side and find the spot where the elbow comes into contact with the ribcage. This is the spot where you should do compressions. In large dogs, you can use a two-handed method. For small dogs 16 or fewer pounds, use the thumb and forefinger.

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