How to Make Antler Treats for Dogs

Deer, elk and moose antlers are a natural dog chewing treat. Dogs can end up chewing on them for up to six months until they can get to bone marrow. They love chewing on antlers. These can help to clean dog teeth as well, since they whittle away at the antler with their teeth. This helps to get off plaque an the remains of food.

You will want to buy a fairly fresh antler that wasn’t laying around in the woods. A fresh antler will be mostly white in color. Antlers that are dog chewing treats are never removed from a deer. They are found and gathered to be sold to pet owners and their dogs. The antlers can be shaped to be pointy, more traditional bone-like or squared off. You can select an antler shape that you think would be best for your dog. It’s probably a good idea to wait to get an antler for your puppy, because it may be too much for puppy teeth. An antler is perfect for full grown dogs.

Other incentives to want to buy your canine companion an antler, is antlers don’t make a mess or smell. It takes a while for antlers to splinter, so it won’t just be gone in a week. The antlers should last months to up to six months, particularly elk antlers. The deer antlers will splinter sooner than the elk or moose antlers with a dog who constantly chew on their antler treat. It’s a great activity for a dog that gets bored easily too.

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