How to Maintain a Healthy Weight for Your Dog

Having an overweight dog can be detrimental to their health for many reasons. Extra pounds on your pooch could lead to extra strain being put on the heart and lungs as well as diabetes. In addition, overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from joint or ligament issues as compared to dogs at a healthy weight. Maintaining your dog’s weight to a healthy level is crucial for their overall well being. 

The process for maintaining your dog’s weight is similar to that of maintaining the weight of a human. Balance the amount of calories that are in your pet’s food and make sure that he or she gets out for daily doses of activity. Going for walks, playing fetch, or taking your dog to a park to play with other animals are some of the ways to increase the activity of your pet. Some specific tips for feeding your dog while maintaining a healthy weight are listed below.

  • Do not starve your dog on a crash diet
  • Feed your dog 2-3 small meals daily
  • Feed your dog a high protein diet
  • Allow your dog sensible snacks, such as Antler dog chews.
  • Don’t give your dog table scraps!
  • Get regular vet check-ups to make sure your dog is on the right track with his or her weight loss

Having a dog that is a healthy weight is the responsibility of the pet owner. Make sure to keep track of the amount of food that your dog eats and also ensure that he or she gets out for daily play time to maintain his or her weight at a healthy level.

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