How to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

The condition of your dog’s coat is a direct reflection on their health. If your dog’s coat is not shiny your first step is checking their food. A dog requires a diet that is well balanced and some commercial dog foods lack the proper nutrient balance. Asking your veterinarian for a recommendation what food you feed your dog and the correct amount is an excellent option. Without the right vitamins and minerals your dog’s coat will be lackluster and lack shine.

Supplementing your dog’s food with omega fatty acids is recommended. There are omega-6 supplements and sunflower and safflower oil readily available. When using oil, the recommended dosage is one teaspoon to one tablespoon daily depending on the weight of your dog. In addition to providing a shiny coat this will help with itchy skin and cell nourishment.

Your dog requires regular grooming and this should be done two to three times a week regardless of hair length. Brushes designed specifically for dogs work best and will remove dander, dead skin cells, mats, and tangles. Purchase a brush designed for your dog’s fur type. Make certain to brush your dog with the lie of the fur because this will naturally distribute the oils and improve the oxygen received by your dog’s skin. This will add to the luster and shine of your dog’s coat.

Your dog needs to be bathed with the correct shampoo. The wrong product can dry out the skin and strip away natural oils. Your dog should not be shampooed more than once every thirty days. The shampoo should be made specifically for dogs and chosen according to your dog’s skin sensitivity and coat. If your dog is constantly scratching it is a sign of dry skin and a sensitive shampoo or shampoo containing oatmeal will work best. Oatmeal will naturally relieve itching. If your dog likes to roll in mud and you have no choice other than to bathe them more buy an extremely mild shampoo with a moisturizer.

All of these steps will improve the luster and shine of your dog’s coat with the benefit of improving their health.

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