How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Heartworm

As for possible diseases your dog may fall victim to and should be protected against, you might not have considered how to keep your dog safe from heartworm.

Every state has had cases of heartworm in dogs and if not prevented, they can be fatal as they grow to maturity and start reproducing. It’s important to identify the problem early on in order to prevent this from happening.

Heartworm is carried by mosquitoes but it can also be transmitted from other infected dogs or can be carried from one place to another. If a dog has just come from another area where he/she was infected by a mosquito, another mosquito can pick up the eggs from that dog and inject them into your dog. That’s why it’s important to protect your dog whether you think you’re in a high risk environment or not.

The only sure way to know your dog is safe from heartworm is to have a veterinarian do a heartworm test on your dog, which simply involves a blood test. This is done before giving any preventive medicine in order to tell if there are adult heartworms already present.

Heartworm preventive medicine, which is usually given monthly if your dog tests negative for the parasites, will not kill adult worms. If adult worms are already present, your dog will need a different treatment to get rid of the foot long adults.

Keeping your dog safe from deadly heartworms is important and simple. A pill given orally once a month will kill any larvae that has gotten into your dog before it has a chance to reach maturity.

Don’t delay. Have your dog tested today so you can start him on preventive treatment.

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