How to Keep Your Dog Healthy Through Winter

The winter is often a time when people start to exercise less and put on weight in a generally unhealthy way. The same is true of dogs who are often stuck inside and unable to get the exercise that they need to be healthy. Finding ways to improve their health during winter months can be challenging but here are several steps that can improve their health during winter months.

1) Take Advantage of the Fair Weather Days: Not every day in the winter months involve a snowstorm and cold can be handled better by dogs than people who have built in fur. Take advantage of the good weather das and make sure that your do gets the exercise that they need while they can.

2) Adjust their Diet: As the level of activity that they undertake is less than what they need on a regular basis, a dog’s diet should be adjusted downward as well so that they don’t over eat and put on weight. Work with your vet to understand the calorie needs of a dog during the winter months given the reduced activity level that they are currently undertaking during this period.

3) Provide Healthy Dog Treats: Many dog owners try to discipline their dogs and train them with dog treats which can be a useful tool. Many of these dog treats are unhealthy and provide excess calories without healthy ingredients included I it. Try using alternative dog treats like antler dog chews that are significantly more nutritious and natural than alternative treats. As always, monitor the quantity of dog treats that you give your dog and make sure that they don’t add significant amounts to their total calorie intake.

While it is harder to keep your dog healthy during the cold winter months by taking advantage of warm weather days, reducing the calories your dog eats, and exchanging unhealthy treats with healthier alternatives, you can help to improve on the health of your dog.

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