How to deal with problem puppy behavior

Puppies are full of energy and a lot of fun. They can also be a lot of work, especially if they do not outgrow problematic puppy behavior. Many dog owners do not realize that they may be adding to the problem by unwittingly reinforcing bad behavior.

Play is an essential part of a puppy’s growth. During this time, he will learn how to take direction from you and how to stay within the boundaries you set forth. However, be sure not to encourage your puppy to play keep away with objects or reward him for running away from you with his toys. Be sure your puppy knows you are the one calling the shots during play time and he will want to please you.

Some puppies like to chew on shoes or furniture which can be an expensive issue to resolve. Be sure to have plenty of chewy treats on hand especially if your puppy is teething. Puppies may also go through a nipping phase, which may come from being excited. If your puppies nips at you, pull back from him for several seconds so he knows you are not pleased. If he stops nipping, reward him with a pat on the head and a dog treat.

It is far easier to start early and reward your puppy instead of waiting until he develops bad habits you may have a hard time teaching him to break. Just like children, puppies grow and mature quickly and problem behavior should improve as he gets older.

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