How to deal with problem puppy behavior

Puppies are cute, adorable and make wonderful pets; however, with every puppy there are often problem puppy behaviors such as jumping and pawing. When a puppy jumps up and paws at you, he or she is looking for your attention. If you allow your puppy to do this, he or she will continue to do it when he is an adult. The best way to deal with this is to turn and walk away without saying anything. After several times of doing this, your puppy will stop jumping up and pawing at you.

Another problem behavior with puppies is biting hands and mouthing. When a small puppy gently puts his mouth on your hand, that’s alright but around 12-16 weeks old, he needs to be discouraged from placing his mouth on your hands. If he does bite down on your hand too hard, try “yelping” loudly, then turn and walk away. This will teach your puppy that if he bites down too hard, he will lose you or anyone who wants to play with him. However, make sure that he has several items to chew on.

To conclude, puppies are wonderful and great fun but when they show problem behavior, follow up with some of the above corrections.

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