How to Choose the Best Food for Your Dog

When it comes to your dog, you want to know you are feeding them the best food you can find. Not only do you want them to enjoy it, you want to know that it will give them the nutrients needed for a shiny coat as well as a long and healthy life. There are four main factors to consider.

  • Age and Lifestyle
  • Body condition
  • Health
  • Budget

You’ll want to pick out a food targeted to your dog’s age. Is he/she a puppy, adult, or senior? Also take note whether they are overweight or underweight. You’ll find foods formulated to help control weight along with high performance versions for active dogs. Most importantly, keep in mind any health conditions your pet may have such as allergies, diabetes, or digestive issues.


Buy the best food you can afford. The general rule is that quality comes at a price, but don’t rely solely on this factor. Read the labels carefully. Start with the ingredients list. You’ll find it located on the label of canned food and on the back of bagged food. Look for meats, eggs, or fish listed as one of the first ingredients. These foods will offer plenty of needed proteins and are usually the easiest to digest.


Each dog is an individual. Some prefer dry food while others are only satisfied with canned. Your dog may appear to prefer chicken over beef or some other favorite flavor. Keep in mind that even though a food is top notch, one dog may love it, a second may walk away, and a third may become sick from it. There is no one perfect food for all dogs. Try several types to pinpoint what is going to work best for you and your dog.

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