How to Choose the Best Antler Dog Chews

Just like humans, dogs have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. Some dogs like to chew on a toy all day long, while others are content with a dog chew every once in a while. If your dog is one that likes to chew all day long, you need to consider all of the options as each one comes with a list of pros and cons.

There are basically two types of dog chews. Natural dog chews, which would include antler chews, and synthetic chews, which would include those made of plastic or rubber. The main thing to consider with the synthetic chew toys is that your dog may not even like them. After all, they are generally odorless, which may be good for you, but your dog will prefer those that give off odors or some taste.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of ingestion. Your dog may actually end up ingesting synthetic materials. In turn, this could lead to major health issues and the possibility of surgery for your dog.

Natural antler dog chews are something that both you and your dog will enjoy. Your dog will enjoy the flavor and the odor, while you will not have to worry about them actually ingesting the material as it is harmless. However, to make certain the odors are not appalling to you, as you still have to live with your pet, consider antler chews. The best antler dog chews are not going to leave a greasy mess on your floor and your dogs will love them.

The key to keeping you and your dog happy with antler dog chews are to find the perfect size for them. Puppies and small dogs will enjoy the split antler chews, as the marrow is already showing and they can get to it easily. Larger dogs will prefer the whole antler chews as they may prefer something with more substance. Whether you choose elk, deer, or moose antlers, you can be sure that your dog will consider them the best antler dog chews they have ever had.

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