How dogs can help with Mental Health Issues

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for numerous reasons but one of the most important is for the constant companionship that they provide to people and their unflinching loyalty and unconditional love. For those who suffer from mental illness the presence of a dog can even help to save their lives.

Many pole who suffer from mental illness find themselves ostracized from friends and family members as a result of their actions during various episodes that they have. Manic episodes can make a person suffering from mental illness seem wild and unbalanced while depressive attitudes can le to a downcast attitude and deep depression and suicidal thoughts.

Dogs can help to cheer up those who are experiencing any type of episode. Taking care of a living thing can give your life meaning and the unconditional love from dogs can help to make a person feel useful and productive. Further, dogs require regular walks and outdoor activity which can provide a person with exercise and other positive steps that can help to reintegrate them with society when they are feeling withdrawn.

Dogs also provide people with a way to interact with other dog owners and provide them with a sense of feeling as part of a family, without the criticism that family members may have for them. As such, dogs make great companions for those who are suffering from mental illness and should be considered as a family addition.

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