Homemade Flea Prevention Treats

Fleas can be a serious health concern for dogs and their owners. Not to mention that having to deal with a flea infestation can be very frustrating for everyone involved. Anyone who’s researched flea treatments may know that many of the over the counter and prescription medications are full of things you may not want to give to your dog. The surface sprays and powders can also be full of chemicals that may not be safe for your pets or yourself. There are natural ways to prevent fleas and one of those ways is with homemade flea prevention treats.

These treats are simple to make and the ingredients are wholesome and offer many benefits for your dog’s overall health. With no chemicals in sight you can be sure this recipe is safe for your family and your pets. The recipe is simple and cost effective. It will also save you the time and money involved with treating fleas in the event of an infestation.

This recipes requires two simple ingredients: coconut oil and brewer’s yeast. Coconut oil can be found at nearly any grocery store and is becoming more readily available due to all the health benefits for pets and humans alike. It’s best to buy unrefined, virgin and organic coconut oil. Brewer’s yeast, not to be confused with other active yeasts, can be found in most pet stores or ordered online.

1 1/8 cups Coconut oil
1/2 cup Brewer’s yeast

Mix the two ingredients in a blender and pour into a mini muffin tin or silicon pan. If you don’t have a pan with small individual portions like a muffin pan, you can pour them into a cake pan. Allow to chill until solid. Remove from refrigerator and pop out of pan or cut into individual portions if you used a large pan.

The dosage for these treats is 1 tsp of coconut oil and 1/2 tsp of brewer’s yeast per day for each 10 pounds of body weight. The recipe can be modified based on the size of your dog and the pan you’re using.

Note: This works best as a preventative measure and is a great option to give pets year round not only to prevent fleas but to aid in achieving overall health.

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