Are Antler Dog Treats Safe for my Dog to Eat?

We get asked the question a lot. Antler treats are safe for your dog to eat. They are all natural and provide beneficial nutrients for your dog. As with any chew toy, selecting the right size for you dog is important to reduce the chance of your pet choking. Please see our Dog Treat Size Chart for more information.

What are Antler Dog Chews?

Antler dog chews are treats for you dog that are made from the dropped antlers from deer, elk and moose. You see every year these animals lose their antlers and grow new ones. This is a perfectly natural process and doesn’t harm the animal at all. All we do is collect those dropped antlers and provide them to you!

Do You Harm Any Animals in Making Your Treats?

Absolutely not! NO ANIMALS ARE HARMED in the making of our treats. We simply collect the antlers that these animals naturally shed each year.

Are Your Treats Really Healthy for my Pet?

Without a doubt! Our treats are 100% natural and contain beneficial calcium and phosphorus which are great for you dog’s health. Also, our treats are known to help remove plaque build-up on your dog’s teeth!

Do You Ship Outside of the USA?

Currently we do not ship outside of the USA. This may be something we provide in the future, but currently we don’t. Sorry.

We also sell our products to dozens of retailers across the country. Interested in learning more about our wholesale opportunities?

USA Only

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we only ship inside the U.S.A.