Exploring How Nutrition Directly Affects Your Dog’s Moods

Nutrition is important for not just the health of the canine but it is also important for their mood as well. Dogs are susceptible to urinary tract problems and poor nutrition is a big cause of it. Poor nutrition also causes hair biting behavior and agitation. The food that the furry friend eats should be monitored for nutritional value, but their edible toys should also be carefully monitored as well. This is why antler dog chews are a great choice for canines of all ages as these chews have nutritional value without any added preservatives. They are filled with calcium, protein, and fiber.

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and pups alike. They chew to help them teethe, because they are bored, and to clean their teeth. Antler chews have the ability to help furry friends take care of all of those chewing needs. Chew toys made from real antlers are safe for the pet. Antler dog chews are known to splinter less than rawhide bones or even sticks do. Chew toys can help keep the canine pet busy, which will keep them from chewing other things in the home. It will help to clean their teeth, and it will help them to cut their teeth as pups.

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