Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog on a Raining Day

It’s no secret that dogs enjoy running and playing outside. But what can your dog do when it’s raining? Allowing your dog to entertain himself can lead to destructive behavior so it’s a good idea to have these tricks up your sleeve for a rainy day.

Play a Challenging Game

Challenge your dog with a game like Find It. Put your dog in a bedroom while you hide treats around the living room. Then say, “Find it” as he hunts for the treats. Your dog will catch on to this quickly so you will need to find creative hiding places. This game is fun for both of you and lets your dog use his nose and hunting instincts in a constructive way.

Long Lasting Chew Toys

Chew toys like deer, moose and elk antlers encourage quiet play. These chews are safer than bones and last a long time. Your dog will love the taste and they provide essential minerals for him. They also keep your dog engaged and out of trouble for quite a while.

Obstacle courses

If you have the space, you can set up a mock agility course. You can either purchase agility equipment or simply set up a course with things you already have around the house, such as cardboard boxes. Guide the dog through the course a couple of times at first and then let him do it on his own. Be sure to make it fun with lots of treats and praise.

Learn Some New Tricks

Mental exercise tires your pup out as much as physical exercise does. Borrow a dog training book or video from your local library and teach him something new. Training strengthens the bond between you and your dog so you will both benefit from this.

So the next time the weather gets nasty outside, pull out some of these tricks. You and your dog can enjoy the rainy weather together and still get some exercise.

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