Dog Nutrition Hacks

Following in our blog post below are several simple to do steps that’ll ensure your dog’s health–starting with a good nutritional foundation. While no particular brand of dog food, dry or wet, is recommended, these steps can go a long way in helping that furry friend of yours, be it a dog or a cat, live out a long and healthy life span by your side.

1. The most basic, essential and important of nutritional approaches for your little friend is always having cool, fresh, filtered water at their disposal. Always in the shade and free of any bugs, leaves or other debris, be sure to keep them well hydrated during the day, but remove their water bowls two hours before going to bed. You’ll both sleep better if you remember to do this one.

2. Never underestimate the power of a good bone, antler dog chews or hard veggies such as raw carrots to help keep your dog’s teeth and oral cavity in good condition. Natural is better, so please avoid rubber bones.

3. Extra virgin coconut oil, about one or two tablespoons daily depending on the size of your companion, helps keep its breath fresher. If you do step number two above, it’ll be even more effective.

4. Personally research the ingredients of dog foods. Protein does not mean the beak or talon of a chicken! Dogs need protein with a small side of veggies–and not potatoes. However, should a dog or cat have a case of the “runs,” you may feed them small amounts of rice for a couple of days until their tummy is back in shape.

5. Try filling their water bowl with unsalted, non MSG-containing chicken or beef broth to increase their daily protein intake.

6. Help keep your favorite furry friend clear of unpleasant ear odors and possible ear infections with a half Apple Cider Vinegar and half purified water ear cleaning solution. Soaking a cotton ball in the liquid solution and gently wiping out the dog’s ear, helps get rid of any gunk or accumulated debris.

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