Dog Chew Toy Hacks

Anyone who has ever owned a beloved canine has been faced with the following scene. You arrive home from a trip to the supermarket. Or perhaps you were at a church picnic for the afternoon. Your furry friend has missed you so much, they have decided to spread the stuffing from your sofa pillows all over the living room. Instead, perhaps they found you favorite pair of shoes and all that’s left is the soles.

While this may upset you, not to mention your wallet, there is a simple fact that comes with owning a dog. They chew. It’s built into their DNA. Chewing relieves a dog’s anxiety, stress, and natural hunting instincts. You can’t stop a dog from chewing, so you might as well go with the flow. I prefer to use products like antler dog chews. The majority of chew toys available at your local pet store aren’t simply meant to last. And, product length aside, I don’t like to give my dog anything unnatural that they would have available in the wild. People have been on an organic, more natural diet for themselves, and I don’t believe that my dog deserves anything less. While antler dog chews may cost a little more initially, the life of the chew toy will pay for itself many times over. Especially since you won’t have to buy new sofa cushions anytime soon.

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