Diet Is Paramount To A Healthy Dog

People have become so attached to pets these days that they treat them like family. A dog owner, or any pet owner for that matter, needs to be responsible and loving when it comes to taking care of their dog. Animals also have basic needs like we humans do. They need to be taken care of in every sense. Whether it is their physical maintenance, their diet, their sleep, or general routine, everything has to be given attention. A dog needs proper nutrition and training to stay healthy and happy. Training helps a dog understand the things happening around him and good nutrition keeps him healthy and running.
Antler dog chews are a famous food for dogs. They have gained popularity over a short period of time and have proven to be nutritious for pet dogs of all ages. Antlers are the large, bony feelers on the heads of most male deer species. The bone receives oxygen and nutrients from the vascular skin covering it, known as velvet. Antler dog treats are also used by deer as weapons during fights with another deer. Shed antlers are used by human to make tools, ornaments, trophies, artillery, toys, and antler dog chews. Elk antlers are thought to offer mild density and they make long lasting and safe antler dog treats. If and antler is too hard or dense, it might result in a broken tooth or slab fracture.

Deer antlers are full of nutrients and minerals such as, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, omega 6, chondroitin sulphate, and 3 glycisaminoglycans. All these contents help make the joints of a dog stronger. It is advisable to read the nutrition content stated at the back of antler dog treats’ packets. Once you are aware of the amount of calories it packs, you can manage the main course meal of your dog accordingly in order to avoid excess calorie intake which would eventually turn into fat. This allows you to provide your dog all the essential nutrients and at the same time take care of his fitness and physique. Another advantage of antler dog chews is that you can hide small tablets in them, which is an easy way to make your pet eat the prescribed medicine without any hassle.

There are a lot of human foods that do not contain the ingredients vital to a dog’s health. This is where antler dog treats help. They are packed with minerals that directly advance your pet’s health. Chewing on these antler treats also improves a dog’s teeth and makes them stronger. These antler chews are a dog’s favorite especially because they are over flavored. One large elk antler is expected to last for a period of four weeks which means that you have health and economy packed in a single treat! Dog antler chews are all natural, and are tested by vets so you don’t have to think twice when it comes to your pet’s health. All antlers will do is improve their health.

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