Chew Toy Hacks that get more life out of your chew toys

A chew toy will keep a dog busy for hours each day. Owners are free to go to work or school when their dog is occupied. Large sized breeds need something bigger than the standard model. A few hacks will keep these toys available for some time to come. Toys will also be perfect for the crate, where dogs may be isolated. Trainers will want better understanding before they undertake these projects.

Use several different chew toys. Multi-colored and antler chew toys are favorites for dogs. Deer, elk and moose antlers are becoming popular on the market. A variety will encourage a dog to spend more time chewing. That will also keep the pet occupied while the owner is away at work.

Focus on organic chew toys for pets. Manufacturers are working towards an organic choice for pets. They have had success and market their products for owners. Look for our products and others that have been approved. Dogs will also show their preference during the day. Follow how often the dog chews on their favorite organic toy.

Place these toys in a box for safe storage. Let the dog play with the toys during set intervals each day. That will get the dog trained to chew appropriately. Before leaving the house, store valuables in a safe place. Keep your dog from chewing up the sofa or the keys.

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