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Holistic Tips to Banish Bad Doggy Breathe

There are many natural ways to banish bad doggy breath for good. Some natural foods have been known to help combat bad breath such as coconut oil, lemon, carrot, brown rice, parsley, and yogurt. Most of these ingredients can be incorporated right into a dog’s food and will help to decrease bad breath over time.…

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Why Veterinarians Recommend Antler Chews

For most Dogs chewing is just apart of nature, and it isn’t always something that stops after puppy years. With everything out there you’ve got a wide variety to choose from for your best friend, But what’s best for them? between Textures, Sizes and Shapes not to mention Rawhide to Nylabone how do you know…

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5 Shocking Ingredients in Dog Treats

Preservatives are necessary to preserve the life of any kind of processed food, whether it’s canned or frozen food that humans eat or dog food. Some preservatives are toxic to dogs, however. When looking at dog treats, pet owners should avoid these shocking ingredients. Ethoxyquin In addition to being used as a preservative, ethoxyquin is…

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Scientists Say Your Dog Understands You

Dog people have always known that dogs understand exactly what we say. Scientists finally agree. It appears that man’s best friend possesses a mental capacity regarding human language previously unknown to science. A 2016 study conducted by a Hungarian research team found that dogs actually understand the meanings of words spoken by their trainers and/or…

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How to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

The condition of your dog’s coat is a direct reflection on their health. If your dog’s coat is not shiny your first step is checking their food. A dog requires a diet that is well balanced and some commercial dog foods lack the proper nutrient balance. Asking your veterinarian for a recommendation what food you…

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10 Foods Your Dog is Dying to Eat Every Day!

Canines love to have tasty treats. In addition to a healthy diet many consumers are leaning towards products made out of deer, moose and elk. There is a wide variety of kibble, wet food and chewy treat options for dogs. Here is a list of ten tasty dog food and snack products. 1) Taste Of…

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Never Give Your Dog These 5 Foods!

We all know not to feed the dog chocolate, but did you know there are many other foods that should be kept from or furry friends? There are many foods that effect dogs in such a negative way and that are found in nearly every kitchen in the country. Here are five foods that should…

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7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Dog’s Food

Paying attention to your pets diet can help your pet companion live a stronger active lifestyle. Your pet can love feeding time, but it’s not the best ingredients for their diet while other pets may have an adverse effect at mealtime. Many pet owners are opting for organic pet food products with wholesome ingredients. What…

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Are Pet Subscription Services Worth It?

Many subscriptions are hitting the market these days, and pet subscriptions are one of them. Pet subscriptions offer a convenient way to get the pet supplies that are going to have to be purchased at the store anyway. They are also a great way to try out new and exciting brands and products. They are…

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20 Mistakes Every New Pet Owner Makes

You can get the most out of being a pet parent by following the 20 tips listed below. Be sure you can afford a pet and research the breed you are considering to determine if its needs temperament and innate behaviors work with your lifestyle. Due diligence also reveals what health problems a breed is…

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