Benefits of Brushing Your Dog

Much like people brush or style their hair daily, dogs also benefit from regular grooming. While a dog’s coat does not necessarily require daily style, regular brushing is extremely beneficial to your pets overall health not just its coat.

While the benefits of brushing your pet abound, these reasons are the top 5 benefits to keeping your pet’s coat freshly groomed.

1. Disperse Oils and Improve Skin Health

Brushing the animals coat actually functions to stimulate the skin. As the skin is stimulated in releases oil which is then dispersed into the dog’s coat. The oil functions to nourish and protect the skin as well as the fur.

2. Prevent Irritation and Infection

A number of fungi and insects lay claim to your pet regularly. Frequent brushing, however, removes these pests and makes your regularly check your pet for infections or other irritants.

3. Avert Fleas and Other Infestations

It should come as no surprise that your dog gets into things – bees, ticks, fleas. While it’s not necessarily an attractive idea that you’ll come across any of these things while brushing your dog, it does help you find these pests and others. And, the sooner you find these things, the sooner you can fix them. By regularly brushing your dog, you can more effectively prevent fleas and other infestations on your animal and in your home.

4. Keep Your Pet Clean and Healthy

While some pet owners are more interested in washing their dogs, brushing regularly is just as effective for maintaining animal hygiene. Plus, this practice is safer on the dog’s skin and coat, not to mention easier on you. By regularly brushing your dog’s coat, you’ll regularly removing excess dirt and dust, briars, and any other items your pet is likely to collect when running around outside.

5. Bond with Your Pet

This time spent grooming is also an effective way to bond with your pet. Your daily investment in your dog will remind it that you care and help you both take a little down time.

Brushing your dog is more than just making it look pretty. While daily brushing may be the best option for some breeds, most are well-maintained with brushing 2 to 3 times a week.

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