Benefits of Antler Dog Chews

If you have a dog as a pet, then you know how powerful their jaws can be. Some dogs are able to rip through shoes, pillows, chew toys, and rolled up newspapers in a matter of minutes or hours. It seems that no chew toy is able to suffice for our beloved animals. Thankfully, antler dog chews can come to the rescue. These products offer many advantages for our four legged friends.
These dog chews are perfect for our pets because they are all natural. There has been no additives or unnatural coloring have been added to these chews, so that means that your dog can chew his or her heart out without your worrying about certain unnatural preservatives taking a toll on their health.

In addition to being 100% natural, these antler chews are great for aggressive chewers because they are tough and durable. This means that your pet will be able to enjoy these chews for extended periods of times. Depending on the aggressiveness of your dog’s chewing habits, these chews can last years. A chewing device that last for years will allow you to save money because you will not have to shell out cash in order to replace the chews.

Antler chews also offer benefits because they are great for a dog’s dental hygiene and health. These antlers are good for your dog’s teeth because they are an excellent source of calcium. Calcium helps to build stronger teeth and bones. In addition to being a great source of calcium these antler chews also contain other nutrients such as chondroitin, glucosamine, and phosphorous which can contribute to a dog’s health. These antlers also contribute to a dog’s health because they do not break into smaller pieces like other traditional chews. Breaking into smaller fragments can create a choking hazard for dogs.

Antler dog chews are a great and healthy way to keep your dog occupied. Instead of destroying pillows with beautiful silk pillowcase, shoes, and other traditional dog chew, antler chews are able to last for weeks, months, and even years. Give your dog a chew toy that also has health benefits of purchasing an antler chew today.

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